Running Packs: Trail Running Essentials

Whether you’re a beginner to trail running or an experienced athlete, running packs can be incredibly useful when undergoing an outdoor adventure. Taking to the trails requires adequate preparation and runners should always keep their trail running necessities at hand. In this quick guide, we’re going to cover some of the most important trail running necessities to help you make the most of your next outdoor adventure.

For reliable running packs and other essential trail running gear, Ultimate Direction has got you covered. Take a look through our catalogue if you’re on the hunt for the right running packs, apparel, and extra supplies to make your next outdoor adventure the best one yet.


Running Packs And Other Trail Running Essentials

When you set out on a new trail, there are a few items you’ll want to carry with you through the duration of your run. We’re going to break down some of these useful tools and why you’ll need them. From running packs and vests to everything you can store within, here’s a quick list of some trail running essentials to collect before your next adventure.

1. Running Packs

Better than backpacks and twice as compact, running packs from Ultimate Direction can make your next trail run a comfortable one. We offer a variety of running vests and vestas that fit your body snuggly, allowing for comfort and breathability while carrying your essential items. Our running vests come in varying designs to accommodate your needs, with plenty of pockets and room for water bottles, accessories and even a spare jacket.

Unlike a backpack, our running vests will fit comfortably to your body, without jostling about on your back or causing unwanted friction while you traverse the terrain. After you’ve collected all your trail running essentials, our running vests and running packs will allow you to carry it all with ease. Here’s a short, informative summary of some of our best sellers to give you a better understanding of our accommodating products.

Trail Vest / Vesta: The Trail Vest option is a high-quality and comfortable design for the avid trail runner. These running vests boast a fully adjustable comfort glide fit system, which allows the wearer to customise the fit of the vest to their body and reduce any chafing or discomfort.

The Trail Vest has a 1.5-litre water reservoir and additional water bottle pockets to keep you hydrated while out on the trails, along with a large back pocket that can hold a 2-litre reservoir, front bottle pockets, a secure front mesh pocket for a phone, a rear mesh stash pocket, and an easy-access main pocket with quick auto closure.

Mountain Vest / Vesta: If you’re interested in taking on rockier terrain and mountainous ranges, then the Mountain Vest may be the best option for you. This vest design can carry your essentials throughout various trail runs, up steep slopes and back down again. Whether you’re running, hiking, or climbing, this lightweight pack is able to promote even weight distribution and makes for a comfortable fit.

The Mountain Vest can carry two 500ml water bottles in the front chest pockets, a hydration bladder in the back, has a large back compartment for useful extra gear and will allow you to keep your essentials close by in the many accessible pockets that comprise these running packs. Smaller individuals looking for a more comfortable fit can opt for the Mountain Vesta variant, with all the same benefits along with an accommodating design. This is the largest of all the Ultimate Direction Running vests.

Race Vest / Vesta 6: This vest is both lightweight and breathable, optimised to help you smash your trail running goals. With featherlight material and an innovative design, the Race Vest 6 is entirely customizable and includes an ultra-durable Comfort Cinch 3.0, allowing you to go further without any hindrance from the equipment you’re carrying.

This design boasts protective mesh panels to prevent uncomfortable chafing while you're on the go. If you’re looking for a women-specific fit, the Race Vesta 6 is for you. This variant is well-suited to people with smaller frames and offers a more tailored fit.

The Race Vest comes with two 500ml soft flasks and can accommodate a 2-litre bladder, allowing you to carry more than enough water to make it to the end.

These running packs also come with all the bungee loops and hooks you need to carry around your essential trail running gear, which can be attached at the front or back of the vest. Take your essentials with you and enjoy a light, comfortable run with this incredible option.

Running Packs: How To Fit Your Running Vest

Here’s a quick breakdown of how to test and choose the right running vest for you. Consult the Ultimate Direction sizing guide when eyeing out our running vests online, and be sure to keep the tag in case you need to exchange the product for a different size.

Fitting your running vest can be broken down into three easy steps:

  • Measure Your Chest: Measure your chest beforehand. This will give you a better idea of the general size you’re looking for. To accurately measure your chest, make sure that you measure all the way around your chest, breathing in and then out again. Once you’re sure of your measurements you can narrow down your search significantly.
  • Pack Your Vest: It’s always a good idea to pack and unpack your vest when trying it on before deciding to buy it. A certain vest may fit you perfectly when it’s empty but can be uncomfortable when willed with your essentials. Packing a vest while wearing it will give you a better idea of how it will feel when you’re out running on the trails. If the vest feels too tight, you might need to opt for a larger size. Alternatively, if the vest jostles around too much when it’s full, then a smaller vest is in order.
  • Consult A Sizing Guide: Most online stores offer a sizing guide to help you narrow down your search. Don’t simply click on the first option that looks good. Rather, consult the sizing guide and choose an item that matches up with your measurements.

2. Adequate Hydration

In order to make the most of your outdoor adventuring you will need to make sure that you carry enough water to stay hydrated the whole way through. Well-stocked running packs should always consist of enough stored water to keep you hydrated and functioning at your best during your time on the trails.

Running packs from Ultimate Direction allow you to carry enough water to fit your trail running needs and then some. From water bottles to hydration bladders, it’s always best to plan out how much water you’re going to need beforehand, and stock up accordingly.

3. Trail Running Apparel

Alongside running packs and everything in them, you’re going to need the right attire. Trail running means heading outdoors and putting yourself at the mercy of the elements. When out on the trials, the weather can turn and you don’t want to be caught unprepared in the wrong attire.

Here at Ultimate Direction, we understand the importance of being prepared, and we offer a broad array of clothing and accessories to cater to the various conditions you may be running in. Here are a few examples of the apparel we offer to help you best prepare for your next trail run.

Ultralight Tees: Premium running garments with lightweight, breathable knitted fabric. With scientifically researched, body-mapped ventilation zones, this running apparel is simple, yet effective.

Stratus Shorts: With lightweight, wicking fabric to keep every type of athlete cooled off while working out, the Stratus Shorts are highly effective running apparel to make use of. A zip-secure pocket stores small items such as keys or gels so you can carry even more items while you’re out on a run.

Deluge Jackets: This jacket is designed to be both comfortable and waterproof, allowing you to keep running even if the weather turns bad. Stowing a Deluge Jacket in your running vest in the case of bad weather comes highly recommended.

Balabeanie: This is a hard-weather beanie that covers the full face, while maintaining breathability. This is exceptionally useful in cold weather, or to protect your face and neck while running under the hot sun.

Another incredibly important apparel item is decent trail running footwear. You’re going to want to wear comfortable shoes that are specifically designed for trail running; This will help you to avoid blisters, injuries and discomfort during your run.

4. Stock Your Running Pack

Stocking your running pack with small essentials is easy when you get your running pack from Ultimate Direction. Make use of the many pockets and storage spaces in the running vest of your choice and carry everything you need for your next trail run.

Some small essentials you might want to carry with you include gels, cell phones, flashlights, hiking poles, GPS, and various other tools to assist you along the way. You may also want to carry some first aid supplies for longer trail runs, as well as sunblock and a pair of shades if there is minimal shade along the trail.

It’s also a good idea to pack some healthy snacks, depending on the distance you’re going to be running. It’s important to stay energised throughout the duration of your run, and a light snack to enjoy along the way is a great way to keep your body fuelled and functioning while you run.


Running Packs From Ultimate Direction

We have listed a few key trail running essentials to help you better prepare for your next outdoor adventure. With a running vest from Ultimate Direction, you’ll be able to carry these essentials with ease. Don’t hesitate to take a look through our products and find the perfect running vest or pack to suit your specific needs.

As innovators in the outdoor fitness industry, we aim to open up the trail running market to a wider audience, gearing everyone up with the best of the best trail running products. Our designs are accommodating to a variety of body sizes and built from high-quality materials that last. These products are designed to heighten your outdoor experience, keeping you comfortable, happy and hydrated during your run.

About Ultimate Direction

At Ultimate Direction, we believe in creating sustainable products that put the planet first. All of our products are 100% BPA-free. We want to continue encouraging the use of recycled materials, promoting sustainability, and working towards sustainable designs for all of our products.

Furthermore, by collaborating with athletes all over the globe, we can guarantee that all of our products are tried, tested, and made for like-minded, outdoor enthusiasts. Don’t wait to take to the trials; get your trail running essentials from Ultimate Direction and get started on your next outdoor adventure today!

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