Frequently Asked Questions About Hydration Packs

Anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors will want to make use of our innovative hydration packs. Since the very first hydration pack was created by outdoor enthusiasts in 1985, we at Ultimate Direction have strived to refine our product designs to benefit every avid adventurer in need of reliable outdoor products.

If you’re considering getting a hydration pack for trail running, hiking, or fastpacking, Ultimate Direction has you covered. Take a look through this quick guide where we answer some of your frequently asked questions about hydration packs.


Are Hydration Packs Good For You?

While it is most definitely possible to develop an electrolyte imbalance from too much water consumption, hydration packs are exceptionally useful for preventing dehydration. Whether you’re hiking or trail running, it’s important to stay hydrated to keep your body functioning at peak performance. Hydration packs can be incredibly good for you, especially when it comes to strenuous outdoor activity. Stay hydrated on the go and get your hands on a hydration pack for all of your outdoor adventures.

What Is A Hydration Pack?

A hydration pack is a hydration system incorporated into a backpack or vest to make drinking water easy while on the go. Some hydration packs include front chest pockets to hold water bottles and other light necessities. Others accommodate a hydration reservoir or ‘bladder’ that includes a drinking tube for outdoor enthusiasts to stay hydrated while keeping their hands free. Ultimate Direction hydration packs come in a variety of sizes to carry essentials for short runs and hikes right through to 100-mile adventures or more.

What Do You Drink In A Hydration Pack?

Hydration packs were originally intended to transport water, making continuous hydration efficient and effortless no matter the activity. These days, water is still the number one resource used in hydration packs. However, some outdoor enthusiasts add energy drinks or powdered drink mixes.

How Big Of A Hydration Pack Do You Need?

The point of hydration packs is to take up as little space as possible. Rather than running with a bulky backpack and a sloshing water bottle, anyone using a hydration pack will be able to enjoy both the comfortable and compact nature of the product.

Hydration packs are designed to fit snugly around your body so as to avoid the pack from bouncing whilst running. The exact size of your ideal hydration pack will depend on your level of activity, and what you need to carry. For trail races it is important to always check what your event’s compulsory gear and water-carrying capacity requirements are, to choose a pack that can carry everything.

The guide below can be used as a very rough guide when deciding what size pack will be needed for your runs. Keep in mind, this is only a rough guide and will depend on the remoteness of your runs, how many refill points/aid stations you will encounter on your runs, the events' compulsory gear list, etc.

Hydration Pack Rough Size Guide:

15km – 35km – Ultimate Direction Race Vest
35km – 100km – Ultimate Direction Ultra Vest
100km+ – Ultimate Direction Mountain Vest (Can also be used for shorter distances as it has handy bungee cords to prevent bounce if not fully loaded)


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Which Is Better: Bottles Or Bladder?

The use of either bottles or a bladder in your hydration pack is very much a personal preference. Most hydration packs can accommodate both. Other factors that may influence your choices are the duration of your run or race and if there are any refill spots along the way.

When bottles are used, it is a bit easier to keep track of how much water you have left and they can be removed and refilled while keeping the hydration pack on. When using a bladder, you can obviously carry more water but keeping track of how much water you have left is a little trickier and the hydration pack needs to be taken off in order to refill a bladder. It is recommended to try out both methods to see which is best suited to your needs.

What Are Some Top Benefits Of Hydration Packs?

Now that you know a little more about hydration packs, let's take a look at some of the overall benefits of incorporating this innovative product into your next outdoor venture. Ultimate Direction aims to produce sustainable products to improve the outdoor experience for everyone.

With our reliable equipment, you’ll be able to take your adventure to the next level. Take a look through this quick list of the top 3 benefits of staying hydrated with a reliable hydration pack.

1. Convenience:

The main benefit of hydration packs is the ultimate convenience of the design. No longer are athletes expected to run with large backpacks and jostling water bottles, the hydration pack can hold every necessity without being overbearing.

2. Temperature Regulation:

Dehydration can ultimately lead to your body storing more heat. This prevents your body from functioning properly in hot temperatures, which is especially problematic during outdoor activities.

Drinking enough water during strenuous activity will help kickstart your body's natural cooling mechanism; sweat, which helps to prevent heatstroke. With the sun beating down on your back during a hike or a run, you’re going to want to have a hydration pack at the ready to keep you on your feet through the heat.

3. Energy And Performance:

Dehydration, no matter how mild, can negatively affect everything from your concentration and reaction time to memory, mood and overall wellbeing. The peak performance of these bodily functions is vital for almost all outdoor activities, which is why frequent hydration is so important.

Your body also requires energy, especially during outdoor activities where you may be pushing past your limits. Dehydration can cause your heart to work overtime, pumping oxygen through your body. This expended energy can tire you out and make it difficult to focus. A quick boost of electrolytes from your hydration pack can fix this problem in no time.

Having a hydration pack available during times of strenuous outdoor activity is essential for ensuring that your body is functioning at its best. Whether you’re gunning for the finish line or hiking up a steep slope, having a hydration pack on hand can make a world of a difference


Ultimate Direction Packs And Other Sporting Essentials

Ultimate Direction offers a wide variety of sustainable products to promote a positive outdoor experience for all. As innovative leaders in the running vest industry, our aim at Ultimate Direction is to provide you with reliable sporting products to accommodate your outdoor sporting ventures. Here are a few of our top-rated products to help you improve your activity and overall experience.

1. Packs:

Since our team of experts are constantly at work testing and innovating our products with reputable athletes, all of our products are designed with maximum performance in mind. We offer a vast range of packs to suit your specific needs, including a men's range and a women's range to accommodate everyone.

From the Fastpack 40 to the All Mountain pack, our packs are made from the highest quality materials and geared towards outdoor sporting needs. If you’re looking for packs that are both durable and lightweight for navigating the backcountry with ease, Ultimate Direction has got your back. Look no further than our impressive supply of packs and fastpacks and browse our catalogue to spy the perfect pack for you.

2. Running Vests And Vestas:

At Ultimate Direction, we understand that hydration is key. Let us help you accomplish your goals with our impressive catalogue of running vests and vestas. Whether you’re planning a long-distance mountainous trek or a simple hike through the wilderness, a running vest from our collection is sure to serve you well.

With these compact, lightweight vests, you’ll be able to keep your essentials at your back and bottles on hand to stay hydrated for the entire length of your journey, however long or short it may be. Our running vests will enable you to go further than before, giving you the outdoor experience of a lifetime.

3. Running Belts:

If you’re not interested in donning a full vest or pack, we also have a line of reliable comfort and utility belts to facilitate your run. These waistbands make for some useful storage whether you’re going for a short run or a lengthy hike. Our running belts come in various shapes and sizes to include all kinds of body types. Keep your necessities on hand and stay hydrated thanks to this accommodating sporting gear.

4. Handhelds and Accessories:

To top it all off, we offer a convenient collection of handheld bottles and other accessories to facilitate your outdoor adventures. Our handheld bottles come with their own unique features including a stretch-mesh pocket for small essentials and an adjustable hand-tension strap.

5. Water Bottles / Soft Flasks:

Along with our packs, Ultimate Direction offers handy water bottles. Our water bottles can fit in any of our vests, vestas and waist belts. These bottles are collapsible when empty. With dozens of positive customer reviews, our bottles are trustworthy vessels for your drink of choice.


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Ultimate Direction is ready to deck you out with everything you need to start your outdoor adventure. With an emphasis on the importance of hydration, all of our products are carefully crafted to ensure you the best possible experience whether you’re jogging a trail or hiking a mountain. Browse our diverse, inclusive catalogue and let Ultimate Direction help you reach for the stars.

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