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Running vests were invented to provide a convenient and comfortable way for runners and hikers to carry water, nutrition, and other essentials with them while they are on the go. In this article, we’ve broken down the basics of running vests so you can find the perfect one for your next adventure.

If you’re on the hunt for reliable trail running and hiking gear, then look no further than Ultimate Direction. We have the gear and apparel you need to succeed. Take a look through our catalogue of innovative products and pick out the perfect running vest for you.


Why Do Trail Runners And Hikers Wear Running Vests?

Running vests or hydration vests are particularly useful for long distances, as they allow the user to carry everything they need without jostling about or weighing them down. Running vests are usually lightweight and designed to be worn close to the body, so they do not bounce or chafe during movement.

They often have multiple pockets and compartments for organising gear. Overall, these vests provide a convenient and comfortable way for runners and hikers to carry the supplies they need while they are out on the trail.

The Benefits Of Wearing Running Vests On Hikes And Runs

If you’re not sure whether or not you need a running vest, keep reading. There are several benefits to wearing a running vest which we’ve outlined for you below.

1. Convenience: Running vests allow you to carry everything you need in one place, freeing up your hands and eliminating the need to carry a separate bottle or pack.

2. Comfort: Running vests are designed to be worn close to the body and often have features to prevent bouncing or chafing.

3. Hydration: Running vests allow you to carry a water bottle or hydration reservoir with you, which is essential for staying hydrated during long trail runs or hikes.

4. Nutrition: Running vests have pockets and compartments that allow you to carry nutrition such as energy gels or snack bars with you.

5. Storage: Running vests have multiple pockets and compartments for organising gear and carrying essentials such as keys, phones, and wallets.

Overall, these vests provide a convenient, comfortable, and practical way to carry everything you need while running or hiking.

How To Choose The Perfect Running Vest

When choosing a running or hydration vest, there are several factors to consider. It is important to choose a vest that fits well and is comfortable to wear. Look for vests with adjustable straps and consider trying them on to ensure a good fit. You should also consider how much storage you need and choose a vest with enough pockets and compartments to carry all of your trail running essentials.

If you plan to carry a water bottle or hydration reservoir, make sure the vest has a secure and accessible place to hold it. Consider the weight of the vest, especially if you will be wearing it for long periods of time. Breathability is also important, so look for vests with mesh panels to help keep you cool and comfortable.


Choose a vest that is made of high-quality materials and is built to last. It’s also a good idea to determine your budget and look for a vest that offers the features you need at a price that fits your budget. By considering these factors, you can find a running or hydration vest that is comfortable, functional, and suitable for your needs.

Ultimate Direction Running Vests

Now that you know everything there is to know about running vests, it’s time to get your hands on a high-quality one to try out for yourself. For your next run, hike, or climb, check out some incredible Ultimate Direction running vests below. We’ve broken down all the specs and features to help you discover all your options. Keep reading to compare some of the best running vests available.

Trail Vest

If you’re looking for a high-quality, durable and comfortable running vest, this might just be the thing for you. The Ultimate Direction Trail Vest is designed with plush materials that fit close to the body so you’ll always feel comfortable while out on a mountain trail or walking in the forest.

This vest also boasts a fully adjustable comfort glide fit system to ensure a perfect fit. For those who don’t know, comfort glide fit systems are often included in running vests to improve fit and comfort while running. It may involve the use of adjustable straps or other design elements to allow the wearer to customise the fit of the vest to their body. The goal of a comfort glide fit system is to help the vest stay in place and reduce any chafing or discomfort that may be caused by the vest rubbing against the skin.

The 100% polyester vest includes a 1.5-litre reservoir to keep you hydrated during your runs and trail races. There are also water bottle pockets and secure storage throughout. You can also keep water in the large back pocket which can hold a 2-litre reservoir.

This running vest also has front bottle pockets, and a secure front mesh pocket that can fit a phone. There is also a rear mesh stash pocket and an easy-access main pocket with quick auto closure.

Race Vest / Vesta 6 Running Vest

The Race Vest / Vesta 6 is a running vest designed to be light and breathable, boasting fully customizable vest-fit technology that ensures extreme comfort. This running vest is ultra-lightweight, weighing only 141 grams (without bottles), and is optimised to help you level up on your personal best when you’re hiking or running.

To prevent annoying and painful chafing while you’re out on the trail, the vest has protective air mesh panels. It also has a water-resistant pocket you can zip up at the front chest to keep your phone safe and dry.

If it's an excellent fit you’re after, the Race Vest/Vesta 6 will be right up your alley. Its shape wraps snugly around the body for a more secure fit. This vest also makes it convenient and simple for you to carry gear around, with four hooks for your trekking poles to attach to as well as bungee loops. You’ll also find silicone elastic loops at the back for gear storage or additional trekking poles.

You can store water in a 2.0-litre reservoir in the back compartment or in the 2 soft flasks at the front (provided with the vest). The vest has front buckle sternum straps with T-hook adjustments. The back panel is water-resistant but fully breathable to keep you comfortable, and the fabric is completely breathable. Made of nylon and spandex, as well as silicone coated nylon for added durability, the Race Vest / Vesta is a great buy for any runners, hikers and adventurers.


The Ultra Vest / Vesta 6

The Ultra Vest / Vesta 6 is your new best friend for ultra trail running and long miles. Down to every detail, this baby is designed for long distances and even features waterproof pockets. Featuring protective panels to keep you from chafing and vest-fit-technology for supreme comfort, the Ultra Vest / Vesta 6 is ideal for runners and hikers.

The Vesta has slightly narrower cut shoulder straps, providing a more tailored fit that would suit people with smaller frames. Like the Race Vest / Vesta 6, it also has a zippered phone pocket at the front chest and plenty of storage space and loops for your trekking poles. The Ultra Vest 6 also has the added bonus of a waterproof main pocket. It also boasts a water-resistant shoulder stash pocket where you can store important medication and other small items.

Made of nylon, spandex, and silicone coated nylon, the Ultra Vesta is a lovely lightweight vest which will prove to be a comfortable companion on any running trail.
The Mountain Vest / Vesta 5
If you’re looking for running vests that are geared towards climbing as well as hiking and running, then look no further than the Mountain Vest / Vesta 5. This running vest includes sliding rail sternums for simple single-handed use, as well as an easily accessible main pocket.

You can safely store your essentials in the dual quick stash upper shoulder strap pockets; the perfect place for medication, lip ice and other essential goods. The shoulder straps were also designed to promote equal distribution of weight to ensure the vest fits comfortably throughout your journey. The Mountain Vesta 5 also features a lightweight, minimal and adjustable Comfort Cinch 2.0.

Made of a lightweight 4-way stretch fabric, this running vest includes a ripstop pattern for additional durability. You can store your phone in the front stretch mesh pockets and there are corded elastic bands for external gear. The Mountain Vesta has a weight of 228 grams (without bottles) and can hold two body bottles. It is made of Flex Mono Mesh, MicroMono Mesh, 20D Nylon Sil, and nylon/elastane with ripstop.

Are Running Vests Good For Your Back?

In general, running vests are designed to be worn close to the body and distribute your weight evenly, which can help to reduce the strain on the neck or the back. However, it is important to choose a vest that fits well and is comfortable to wear; one that’s optimised for running, hiking or climbing. It is also a good idea to distribute the weight evenly in the pockets and compartments of the vest to help prevent strain on any one part of the back. If you are carrying a heavy load in a running vest, it may be helpful to alternate between carrying the load in the front and the back to evenly distribute the weight.

It is also a good idea to practise good posture and take breaks as needed to give your back a rest. Overall, a well-fitted and properly used running vest can be a comfortable and practical way to carry your gear while running or hiking and a great investment in your running or hiking career.


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